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Rufina Tropicals

Zingiber Zerumbet "Shampoo Ginger"

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Zingiber Zerumbet aka Shampoo Ginger is an aromatic, clump-forming perennial. The blooms look like bright colored pine cones. This tuberous root herb plant is extensively used as an ornamental and medicinal plant and prefers to grow in damp regions with partial shade and humid conditions. 

Shampoo Ginger gets its various names due to its pinecone-shaped inflorescence, which when squeezed produces a fragrant milky-white substance which is often used as shampoo, hair conditioner, skin moisturizer or used as a culinary additive with a bitter taste. 


America's hidden paradise in the Pacific.

Grown locally with love, harvested with gentleness, cleaned with sensitivity and packed with gratitude to withstand shipping conditions from our loving farm to your kind home or office.