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Rufina Tropicals

Orange Stricta

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Widely known plant for its stunning and long lasting tropical flower heads. Most of the heliconia are native to tropical America, but there are some varieties originating from Indonesia to the Pacific Islands.

Heliconia can range in size from 3 feet all the way up to 30 feet. The flowers (bracts) have many variations of color including orange, red, yellow, pink, purple and green, or some combination of these colors; flowers are tucked away in the bracts. Popular in tropical arrangements.

Heliconias are tropical plants. They do best in moist and wet otherwise the plants remain into dormancy until tropical temperatures consistently stay warm. Due to this, this also becomes an issue for it to produce the heliconia flower bract.


America's hidden paradise in the Pacific.

Grown locally with love, harvested with gentleness, cleaned with sensitivity and packed with gratitude to withstand shipping conditions from our loving farm to your kind home or office.