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Rufina Tropicals

Coconut Palm

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Extensively used in tropical areas for its edible fruit and architectural design in tropical coastal areas nearly worldwide. They are the most economically important palm species, coconuts being one of the predominant crops of the tropics.

The slender, leaning, ringed trunk of the coconut palm rises to a height of about 80 feet from a swollen base and is surmounted by a graceful crown of giant featherlike leaves. mature fruits have a thick fibrous husk surrounding the familiar single-seeded nut of commerce. A hard shell encloses the insignificant embryo with its abundant endosperm, composed of both meat and liquid.

Coconut flesh is high in fat and can be dried or eaten fresh. The liquid of the green nut, commonly known as coconut water, can be consumed fresh and is used in beverages. The harvested coconut also yields copra, the dried extracted kernel, or meat, from which coconut oil, a major vegetable oil, is expressed. The meat may also be grated and usually mixed with water to make coconut milk, used in cooking. The dry husk yields coir, a fiber highly resistant to saltwater and used in the manufacture of ropes, mats, baskets, brushes, and brooms.


America's hidden paradise in the Pacific.

Grown locally with love, harvested with gentleness, cleaned with sensitivity and packed with gratitude to withstand shipping conditions from our loving farm to your kind home or office.